A 2020 Interlude – Where has Chaotic Adequate been? Pt. 2

The second of our “where have they been?!?” podcasts is here. In August 2019 Greg and Steve met up to record a second Masterpiece Bookshelf, because Chaotic Adequate was definitely going to reboot any second. Ha ha no. But it is happening tomorrow.

If you enjoyed this episode you’ll probably like FutureFest (www.futurefest.org) which happens on March 20th in London. Tickets available now. It stars Steve but not Greg. Bonus.

This episode was “written” and edited by Gregory Akerman. It  stars Gregory and Steve Cross. It was recorded by Ian Bowkett.

Chaotic Adequate logo drawing and artwork by Kimberley Freeman.

We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, dnd5e and the podcast features actual play.

We’re part of the Smart Material Collective, www.smartmaterialcollective.com

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